1. Success = Intelligence & Intuition

​Acquire & apply key knowledge, skills and intuition to succeed.

​2. Safety

Healthy mind and body = Healthy life and performance.

​3. Fun

​Just play, have fun, enjoy the game, enjoy life!

​4. Perseverance

Get smart then drive hard and fast.

​5. Great team

Teamwork is dreamwork.

​6. Bespoke Service

Everyone is different. Tailor best practise for the individual.

​7. Simplify

​Simplicity is genius.

​8. Focus

Follow One Course Until Successful

​9. Systems, Habits & Routines

Excellence is a habit not an act.

​10. Lead by Example

​​Model the masters then become a master to model.

​11. Continuous Learning & Improvement

Leaders and winners are avid learners.

12. Continuous Innovation

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

​13. Clarity

Clarify your vision so every action propels you to your purpose.

​14. Specificity

You get good at exactly what you do.

​15. Holistic High Quality Service

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Arnold's Formula For Success

​1. Set a goal.

2. Learn everything you need.

​3. Reps reps reps until you achieve it.

Problem - Motivation to get super fit can be a struggle.

Vision - Empower individuals for mind, body and emotional control.

Mission - Empower athletes to master their motivation for training.