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I'm here to push you higher!

Hi, I'm Rossa. I'm an athlete, and sports performance coach.

I’m the creator of Fired Up, a specialised motivation programme for Athletes who want to get Fitter, Faster, Higher, Stronger so they can perform and win at an elite level. My programme helps build consistency and mental toughness through powerful motivation techniques. This skill set enables me to achieve 4% body fat. You will learn the same winning attitude to propel you towards athletic success.

I strive to educate and energise sports people and gym-goers to reach higher and achieve more through mental skills training.

Whether you are trying to become an elite athlete or simply wish to lose weight, my coaching system helps you to apply the science and practice of peak performance. Regardless of your pursuit, I seek to make achieving your goals, simpler, quicker and more enjoyable.

I try to make all my work as practical and actionable as possible covering topics such as confidence, composure, enthusiasm, determination, focus and key principles of success.

I played at an elite level in youth football for Northern Ireland and Arsenal for a short period. I was also offered contracts by Everton, Fulham, Coventry, Swindon and QPR. I use my experience as a competitive athlete along with my professional qualifications to bring a potent mix to all my coaching practices.

I have been studying and applying mental skills strategies for the last 20+ years. I have a sports management degree, a business masters plus diplomas in sports psychology, fitness and personal training, strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, coaching, training design and delivery.

Always eager to learn and develop, I enjoy sharing my lessons and assisting others to realise their dreams.